A charter school is a school of choice and is open to any student who wants to apply, regardless of where he or she lives, space permitting.

A charter school combines elements of private and regular public schoolDr. Hoxby (Stanford University).

Elements of Private School

  • Flexibility of school program and curriculum.
  • More input from parent and school staff.
  • Less bureaucracy.

Elements of Public School

  • Tuition free education
  • Non-discriminatory (racial, income, etc.).
  • Credentialed teachers of core subjects.
  • Same services (lunch services, special education, sports).
  • State testing & accountability.
  • Funding sources (state & federal).

Public School Funding Programs - Charter can choose to be funded in two ways:

Independent Study Programs

  • Funding is based on student work completion and academic progress. 
  • Attendance at academy is voluntary. 
  • Includes home study (homeschool) and academy instruction (learning center)

Classroom/Seat-based Programs 

  • Attendance based. 
  • Attendance is compulsory.